Get-an-Assistant-Already Hiring Bundle

Get-An-Assistant-Already Hiring Bundle
Get-an-Assistant-Already Hiring Bundle
Get-An-Assistant-Already Hiring Bundle
Get-an-Assistant-Already Hiring Bundle

Get-an-Assistant-Already Hiring Bundle


You don’t want to find just any assistant. You want to find the right assistant.

If you're like most designers, the thought of hiring an administrative or virtual assistant is overwhelming. How do you know if you're hiring the right person? What questions do you ask? What do you do with them once they've been hired? This bundle will give you my exact hiring system so you can streamline the process, save time and money, and confidently hire an assistant already!

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Imagine having everything you need to confidently hire an assistant that's the right fit for your business. You'll have...

  • More time for design work- you know, the fun stuff!

  • More time to take on more clients- which means mo' money! Buh-bye time spent invoicing and ordering!

  • The ability to charge an assistant fee- which will pay for your assistant while still freeing up your time!

Sound like a dream? It doesn't have to be!

Just Follow These Steps!


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Adjust the copy to fit your business.

Get an Assistant Already!

Get the Bundle!

Here's everything you get in the Get-an-Assistant-Already Hiring Bundle:


The Hiring Process Overview

  • My exact process for hiring an administrative assistant so you don't have to reinvent the wheel or miss any crucial steps

  • General guidelines of all the legal forms that need to be filled out by your new hire so you stay compliant.

  • The legal resources I use so you don't get in trouble with the Feds.


My Virtual Assistant Job Description and a Job Description Template Formula

  • No need to figure out what to put in your job description. You can use mine as a jumping off point or use my formula so you know exactly what to say to meet your business' needs.


Swipe Files- Just Swipe, Tweak, Repeat, and You're Done!

  • Interview Setup Email Copy + My Cognitive Prelim Questionnaire so you can narrow the field immediately

  • Sample Interview Questions so you're never stuck wondering what to ask

  • Post-Interview Follow-Up Email Copy so you can continue to find the perfect person to work with you and your needs

  • Background Check Email Copy so you make sure you're not hiring someone that's cray cray or unsafe

  • "The Job Offer" & "With Thanks" Email Copy so you can onboard your new assistant and thank those that applied in no time

  • "Welcome to the Team" Email Copy so your new hire is welcomed and informed

  • Sample Team Member Handbook Template so your new team member knows the ins and outs of your business

  • "Getting Started" Email Copy so you can set the foundation to start training your new assistant quickly and easily



  • An example of the test I use to help make my final hiring decisions so you can see how valuable it is

  • The Monday-Friday checklists I use for my assistant so you can get ideas on how you'll hand off tasks all week long

  • A sample "runner" job description so you'll be ready to hire someone to do your errands

  • I list of all the legal resources I use so you'll have a jumping off point in your own hiring process

You didn't become an interior designer to do administrative work! It's time to get an assistant already!

Get the Bundle!
Ms. Glamour Nest Administrative Assistant Checklist

Frequently Asked Questions

+ How is the bundle delivered?

When you purchase the bundle you will receive a PDF with download instructions. All you'll need to do is click a link and download!

Hiring can be scary without guidance, but I've got some help for you. I'm not a lawyer, but I do link to documents you may need, as well as my favorite online resources for purchasing legal documents. You'll need to check with your local requirments for hiring as well.

+ What format is the bundle in?

You'll be able to download both PDFs and Word documents of all of the materials.

+ Hiring an assistant can make me more money- say whaaaat?

It's true! When you hire an assistant you'll be able to take on more client work, which you'll bill at your hourly rate. As for your assistant's pay, you'll charge your clients an assistant fee, which is higher than what you'll actually pay your assistant. It's a no-brainer!