Interior Design Business Coaching that will take you From On-the-Rocks to Straight-Up Fabulous!

Design More | Work on Your Business Less |Make More Money

All the stress and doubt not what you had in mind when you started your business?

Business Coaching For Interior Designers

There’s a better way!

What you need is to implement strategies that are specifically tailored for your business!

Now Serving the Ms. Glamour Nest Coaching Calls!

No Matter What Your Business Woes, I’ve Got a Coaching Call for You!

Ms. Glamour Nest Interior Design Business Coaching
Ms. Glamour Nest Interior Design Business COaching
Ms. Glamour Nest Interior Design Business COachins

The Boundaries Brew

The secret sauce to designing a business that suits your personality and preferences- get clear on how you want to run your business so you know what policies, systems, and processes you'll need. If you’re always working on other people’s problems at all hours of the day and night, or you’re not sure which call to start with, start here!

The Systems Speakeasy 

You’re at max capacity. You might even be burned out and not sure you want a business anymore. The thought of taking on more design jobs makes your head hurt because all your time is dedicated to business tasks. You need to streamline and systematize so you have more time to take on more clients or maybe to take a break.

The Client Experience Cocktail

You’ve heard repeat clients and referrals are the best way to grow your business, but where are they? Business has seen better days and the clients you do have get upset so easily. Or maybe business is the same-old same-old but you want to create an elevated, remarkable service to attract and retain premium clients. Either way, this call’s for you!


Each recorded, one-hour call is focused on strategy! We’re talking customized action-steps for your specific business needs.

The Investment: $300

The Real Investment: No more doubting whether or not you were meant to run a business. No more feeling taken advantage of by clients, team members, and vendors. No more being stuck in the drudgery zone of business tasks.

You Should Be Designing More and Working in Your Business Less!

So Grab Your Favorite Beverage- We’re Going to Make It Happen.

Interior design business coaching | Ms. Glamour Nest

step 1: Strategize

Once you book your call and fill out a questionnaire, I’ll delve into analyzing your business’ needs, which we’ll review during our one-hour, recorded, call.

Interior design business coaching | Ms. Glamour Nest

step 2: Implement

After our call you’ll walk away with a plan! No more doubt, no more confusion, just actionable steps to take that will get your business back on track.

Interior design business coaching | Ms. Glamour Nest

step 3: Get Back to Designing

Now that you won’t have to work on your business so much, you can get back to what brings you joy and makes you money- designing!

Pop the bubbley, ‘cause you’re about to grow your interior design business!

Interior Design Business Coaching | Ms. Glamour Nest

Meet Your business coaching Hostess!

I understand what it's like to work too hard on business tasks and not being able to design- you know, what I love doing and what makes me money. I started my business in 2009, and I wish I knew then what I know now.

For years I struggled and I thought I hit max capacity in 2011 with just under $70,000. 

But in one year I grew my business to over $200,000, and by 2013 I made over $350,000 and have grown my business from there. 

This was before I had press, before I had a professional website, and before I had a marketing plan. This was with boundaries, systems, and client experience- the same stuff I’m going to help you implement in your business!

Shall we get started?

Interior Design Business Coaching | Jessica McClendon

Are Your Ready to Shake Things Up With a Coaching Call from Ms. Glamour Nest?

  • You’re tired of wasting time trying to figure out a better way to run your business. No more books. No more courses. No more generic videos.
  • You want to streamline your business and maximize their time so you can take on more clients or maybe even take a vacation.
  • You run a young business or 1-5 person boutique firm that's at max capacity.
  • You want to take action now with a tailored plan that what will work for your business.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long is the call?

Each call is one hour and you can record it to refer back to. I spend about an hour of additional time looking over your questionnaire, website and crafting ideas and questions to make our call super value filled.

What happens once I book my call?

You’ll receive a confirmation email with our Zoom meeting link and a questionnaire to fill out so we can hone in on the perfect solution for your business.

Do I have work to do before the call?

Yes- calls are on Fridays, so you’ll need to return your questionnaire by Tuesday so I have plenty of time to look it over and craft strategies for your business beforehand. You’ll also need to make sure you have Zoom installed on either your computer or phone.

What if I can’t make the call?

I totally understand that “life” happens! Especially when you’re running a business! Unfortunately, I only have four coaching spots available each month. Please understand that because of this limited availability if you need to reschedule it could be as much as 4 months out before I can fit you in again. There are also no refunds.