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and I'm here to help you setup your interior business for success!

Jessica McClendon | Ms. Glamour Nest | Interior Design Business Coaching and Consulting

At Ms. Glamour Nest, I know that you want to run a profitable interior design business where you're designing more than dealing with business tasks. In order to do that, you need more streamlined and reproducible business processes, but the problem is your business is less than organized, leaving you feeling stressed and overwhelmed. I believe you shouldn't have to work harder than you already are to increase your revenue- I actually want you to free up your time so you can take on more clients, take more vacations, and not feel like your business is controlling your life.

I understand what it's like to be stressed, disorganized, and ready to burn down my own interior design business. Three years after I established Glamour Nest I still never felt like I could relax- there was just too much to do! It was all work all the time, and I didn't even feel like I was designing that much. But then I stopped reinventing the wheel by implementing systems and processes that made day-to-day tasks so much easier! I've now helped dozens of interior designers just like you get their own systems in place so their business, and life, feels more manageable.


Here's how you'll setup your
interior design business for success:

Interior Design Business Coaching | Ms. Glamour Nest

1. visit the
ms. glamour nest shop

After over nine years in business, I’ve bundled together all of my blood, sweat, tears, and mistakes into products to help you run your interior design business more smoothly so you’re less stressed.

Interior Design Business Coaching | Ms. Glamour Nest

2. choose from
one of my system kits

Choose from my Business Bundle full of swipe files, templates, scripts, and more, and my Client Welcome Packet Kit for designing an impressive client on-boarding system, or get both for the ultimate client experience!

Interior Design Business Coaching | Ms. Glamour Nest

3. Work less
and earn more.

No more scrambling to write emails. No more custom proposals. No more wondering how to communicate boundariees. You'll save so much time that you'll be able to take on more work and do more of what you love- designing!


Stop constantly playing catchup, taking shortcuts, and working inefficiently and start doing more of what you love- designing creative and beautiful interiors for your clients!

Jessica McCendon | Ms. Glamour Nest business systems for interior designers and creative businesses

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